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Imagine the following situation: a few close friends of yours are visiting the city for the first time. What would you do? Most probably, you would spend a lot of time with them, exploring the city and taking them to the places you – the expert – have always loved the most. You would take them to your favourite shops and spots, places that you have been a regular at, perhaps for decades, because they have never disappointed you. You would also recommend some special spots including specific products or food to try. 


This booklet has been designed to meet precisely this purpose. It exclusively contains the precious tips of our “Best-of-Brixen” team, the same kind of advice we would give to our best friends. Of course, perception lies in the eye of the beholder. That's in the nature of things. It goes without saying that there are definitely many other excellent businesses in Brixen where people work with great passion. That's because Brixen - as a whole - has plenty of good things to recommend. 


Brixen warmly welcomes its guests. Let the city win your heart! 


Your “Best-of-Brixen” team

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